Why do students need scholarships?

Students who apply to Marquette do so because they value the educational experience Marquette offers. And with a retention rate of nearly 90 percent (compared with the national average of 76 percent, according to the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems), students like what they find when they get here.

The loan portion of financial aid packages has become an increasing burden and for many is the difference between choosing to attend Marquette or another school, particularly for students with fewer financial resources.

For those students who incur debt, plans to pursue further study or work in public or nonprofit sectors, where salaries may be lower, are often put on hold.

Without financial aid, I would have never had the opportunity to build my leadershio skills and take my nonprofit to the next level and truly impact my community.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a university where all students who aspire to a Jesuit education have access to the scholarship aid they need to make a Marquette education possible. Your commitment can make this happen.

Today’s Marquette students depend on the students of yesterday more than ever. In the past, it was possible for students to pay for most or all of their education through summer employment and part-time jobs. This is no longer the case. 

Your gift toward scholarship aid is one way you can share your Marquette experience with the next generation of scholars. Help spread the word. Give today. Give Marquette.